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The story of playing guitar on Arbat Street; 30 days in Russia with 300$


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    Is it possible to travel to Russia for a month with $300 ?

    I have to say yes! Before traveling to Russia, I agreed that I should be able to spend only 300 dollar or less. When I raised this issue with my friends, at first they thought I had no more money to take. I appreciate their concern, but the fact was that I had set a goal for myself that if you want to be a real backpacker, you have to spend less than 300 dollar a month while you are there, but if I had a problem, was there a way?

    In response, I must say that there must be a way, borrowing from friends to transfer money and other ways that you know, but I was looking for a different way to challenge myself because after doing it, I felt great.

    Arbat Street, Moscow

    My Russian friends suggested that they lend me money, but I asked them to get permission from the Arbat police and play the guitar in this street. We went to Arbat Street with the equipment. It was enough for me to turn my voice with Persian words in the street and gather many Iranians around, and that was it!

    Streets around the Kremlin

    The Kremlin and Red Square are constantly guarded by Russian police. If you go to the streets around the Kremlin, you can feel it. There are expensive restaurants and cafes on these streets, of course, because it is close to the most touristy place in Russia. They are expensive.

    Streets around the Kremlin