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From Switzerland to Italy by bike; Opposite directions on European roads 😂


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  • After a few days in Lugano, I decided to cycle from Switzerland to Italy, which was considered Italian territory, by Christina's bicycle.While I was by Lake Lugano, Christina pointed to the other side of the lake and said that it was part of Italy and that a very wealthy Italian community lived there.There is also a famous carino that you can see in the picture below in the map.

    Cycling from Switzerland to Italy

    Honestly, cycling in Europe, especially in a country like Switzerland, which is very legal, is very different from Iran, which I refused to observe, and I took the risk that they might even cancel my visa.

    ⚠️ First you need a helmet for cycling, Christina insisted that I put on a helmet, but we Iranians always swim against the water, I do not want to justify, but his hat was not the size of my head at all "means we Iranians have a bigger head 🤔!? ”

    Secondly, I went on a non-professional bike on the way to the highway, because there really was no other way, all the cars were honking and showing a strange sign with their hands that was like putting a bite in their mouth, later i ask Christina and she told me the meaning, that i can't say it here 😅

    This hand gesture in Italy means; What the ... are you doing? 😅

    Finally, one of the cars hit the side of the highway and said, "Brother, where did you come from? I said very proudly Iran, he said that's why 😅, the police will catch you in this situation, they will definitely handcuff you, at this moment i was really scared, it was in front of the tunnel and it was going to another city, so I decided to ride the highway, in the video below You can see that highway.

    Three minute video of cycling