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Finding Farideh; From film to reality and meeting Farideh

The Netherlands

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    Finding Farideh is the title of a documentary. The story of Farideh's acquaintance began when I saw the teaser of a documentary before my trip to the Netherlands. The name of this documentary was in search of Farideh. He was left in the shrine of Imam Reza forty years ago and after being transferred to a nursery, he was adopted by a Dutch couple and taken to the Netherlands. Farideh, who has returned to Iran over the years for fear of traveling to Iran and the reluctance of her family to do so, has been searching for her real family for several years and is now traveling to Iran for the first time to see her hometown. Meet the three families who claim to be her real family.

    Unveiling of Finding Farideh documentary

    Finaly, after watching this film, I came out of the cinema with a lot of questionable thoughts. This documentary showed me that although Farideh had grown up in the Netherlands as a child, she had an Iranian personality within her. I called Farideh and expressed my feelings and she was very happy to find out that she has our heartfelt support for Iran.

    After spending a few days in Amsterdam, I called Farideh and we were supposed to meet, she invited me to Amsterdam for the first time, her words were audible and sometimes she cried in the middle of talking, it was the spirit that from Iran was remembered.

    My meeting with Farideh did not end here, after traveling to other cities in the Netherlands and the surrounding countries, Farideh invited me to her house to tell me the unspoken words of the film and answer the many questions I had from her.

    Dinner at Farideh's house