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Friendship of technology and history in Lyon; Arnauld


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  • I was invited to a party in Lyon

    Before traveling to Lyon in France, I decided not to travel to this city due to time constraints. My next plan was to go directly to Geneva in Switzerland after Paris and not to head back to Lyon.After consulting with my friends, I decided to go to Lyon.

    View of the heights of the city of Lyon, France

    Lyon is the third largest city in France in the east of the country. This beautiful city is called the capital of leisure in France, and there are good reasons for this choice. Lyon is also one of the country's largest economic hubs. Technology has penetrated the fabric of the historical architecture of this city in the best way and despite the predominance of traditional architecture, it has given a very attractive atmosphere to this city. Cafés, restaurants, museums and galleries are some of Lyon's most attractive features.

    My host in Lyon, France, watching a football match in Lyon

    My host Arnauld invited me to a football match at a friend's house as soon as I got home.How warm and friendly they are and comparable to the people who live in Paris and do not care about their own work and problems. Of course, this feature of big cities is like comparing Tehran with other cities. While eating pizza, I realized that the pork was inside and the host noticed me and immediately made pasta for me, how delicious it was. The language of the people of Lyon is French. The staff of hotels, tourist places and restaurants can speak English. But in more remote areas you will have difficulty speaking English by people. Transport system information and traffic signs are mostly written in French. On the street, many people (especially young people) can at least speak general English, but they will be very happy if you can speak some words or sentences in French. Using basic words and phrases Such as: Bonjour (meaning hello)

    Lyon Artists' Café

    There are few French cities that, like Lyon, can show the world the rich and long history of France. It is the capital of the Rh رونne-Alpes region, located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. Overlooking natural and man-made disasters throughout its 2,000-year history, the rich and diverse parts of Lyon are a perfect representation of its history. From the Renaissance suburb of Vieux to the Fourvière hills where the Romans first settled, each of Lyon's areas offers a unique tourist experience.

    Lyon, the city of graffiti

    Many of Lyon's top attractions show up at night. That is why this city has been named the capital of the night. It is also the birthplace of great chefs and is therefore known as the capital of delicious food.

    Mur des Canuts

    Mur des Canuts

    Mur des Canuts Located on the Boulevard des Des Canuts, this large mural depicts the heritage of a neighborhood that was the first place for most silk weavers in the city.

    Mur des Canuts

    The painting is painted in the trompe-l’oeil style and is painted in watercolor on plaster to depict the border between art and reality. The painting was first painted in 1987 and then restored and restored over the years.

    Full video of the attractions of Lyon, France