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Stay Iran; Full video with Dariush song


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  • This post is for Iran and Iranians. The Persians who did not forget the roots and ancient history of their land and are fighting for the freedom of their land. May our land be the name of every nationality like in the past. I was in the tomb of Cyrus for almost 4 years during the New Year, I always wanted to make a video of the city of Shiraz, especially Parse and the tomb of Cyrus the Great, traveling to these parts of lovely Iran amazes people, at least this is what I heard from tourists who visited Dig deep into the history of our land.

    Full video of Stay Iran

    What do you know about the tomb of Cyrus?

    It has happened to everyone that they have been here at least once, but do we have complete information about our history? I don't want to act like a history teacher, but I will write about this place.

    Cyrus the Great, as the founder of the Achaemenid dynasty, built the new capital of his powerful empire called Pasargad, 130 kilometers north of present-day Shiraz, in 546 BC. Throughout history, there is no trace of Pasargad except the tomb of Koresh, which is now located three kilometers west of the Shiraz-Isfahan road. In the archeological excavations, they came to the conclusion that in the construction of Pasargad, a combination of Anatolian, Mesopotamia and Iranian architectures was skillfully combined with each other.

    Similarity of the tomb of Cyrus the Great to Cyrus the Small

    Tomb of Cyrus the Small (Girl's Grave)

    Tomb of Cyrus the Great

    The daughter's grave is a stone tomb that is said to belong to Cyrus the Younger or Mandana, the sister of Cyrus the Great. This historical monument is located in Dashtestan city of Bushehr province. This tomb is very similar to the tomb of Cyrus the Great, but its dimensions are smaller. According to archaeologists, it dates back to 600 years before Christ (at the same time as the Achaemenid rule). Unfortunately, this historical monument was left without any protection and is in a bad condition today.